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Sara Esteves Cardoso  Oct 6, 2015


😍😍😍😘😘😘 you are incredible I recommend every parents 😉 

Miguel S. marketing Tiger Stores   Aug 28, 2014 ★★★★★


T. was and is an excelent profissional, since the first contact to the end of the work was sempre efficient, transparent and very demanding with the quality of the service provided where both of parts were very satisfied with the final result.


Inês Martins   Jul 24, 2015 ★★★★★


I liked my party very much and it was very fun. Thanks Tânia. kisses


Thiago Lisboa   Jul 24, 2015 ★★★★★


Simpathy, education, profissionalism, attention with the details and they have way with the little ones. Thank you and many sucess!


Inês Bártolo   Oct 27, 2014 ★★★★★


Evertything went wonderfully well! Both T. and A., the magic, were an extreme friendliness and professionalism. I loved the organization and the profissionalism! But more important the children loved it!!!!

Maria Augusta Lemos   Oct 19, 2014   ★★★★★


I liked the service provided, beyond sympathy the team is very patient and professional . I will return to contact this professional.


Matilde C. marketing Sérvulo & Ass.  Mar 14, 2016   ★★★★★


Super professionals and available! Very profissional team, available and attentive to the details!


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